APRIL UPDATE: Please note that the 1st day of April was on a Thursday. Therefore payments for the month of April will be issued on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, 2021 - the second Wednesday in April. Thank you! Effective 1/1/2021, all children receiving NKA are automatically eligible for MA in Minnesota, including children receiving non-IV-E NKA. If a child receiving non-IV-E NKA is already receiving MA, families don't need to do anything, and they will no longer need to renew their chs MA or reapply. If a child receiving non-IV-E NKA is not receiving MA, their family will receive more information soon regarding next steps. Their family can also reach out to their county/tribe of residence to request their child's enrollment in MA based on their child's receipt of non-IV-E NKA, if they want to initiate enrollment sooner.

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